Scientific articles for publication

Scientific article is an integral part of scientific activity. It is believed that the number of publications with a graduate student is a very important criterion for assessing the quality and value of the dissertation itself. Therefore, despite the presence of minimum requirements, the more you have them – the better. To familiarize yourself with such scientific paper you can find techniques of article writing with examples.

A graduate student should always follow the minimum number of publications. It is appropriate to note here that these requirements change on average once every five years and differ in different countries. In addition, in accordance with the latest trends, there is a transition from a simple regulation of the number of articles in journals towards counting the weighting factors of publications depending on whether the journal is on the WAC list, international databases and how much these databases (indices) have authority in the scientist the world. Say, Scopus, Web of Science is much more prestigious. In turn, article writing examples that are included in Scopus, Web of Science with quartiles Q1, Q2 are more prestigious than with quartiles Q3, Q4, included in the same Scopus / Web of Science, etc. The question of the minimum number of publications and “degree the prestige of “journals will never be definitively and irrevocably resolved; they will always change something here, and therefore it is always better for applicants of scientific degrees to have one or several publications” in reserve.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that each scientific article must be written in a certain sequence. In addition to the title, annotations and keywords, it is desirable that a certain structure be observed in the introductory and main part of the article. It is very good if it includes not only an introduction, the main part and a conclusion (simplified structure), but the author also states the problem, shows the connection with important scientific and practical tasks, and government programs. It is good to make a brief analysis of recent achievements and publications in which the solution of the problem under consideration was started, highlight insufficiently resolved issues and thus justify the subject matter and relevance of your own article. It will also look better if its goal is formulated. Then you can proceed to the presentation of the basic material and the rationale for the results obtained by the author. At the end of a scientific article the conclusions from the research conducted in it are necessarily drawn. And of course in the end is a list of references. And in such a list it is desirable that there be as many fresh articles, monographs, dissertations as possible. Each source in the list of references in the text of the article must be a link. It is very good if novelty is identified and the author’s personal contribution to science is shown.

It is extremely important that plagiarism is absent in a scientific article. After all, it will be published with the name of its author and will be available in libraries and / or on the Internet. Of course, if the law is cited or the author cites the opinion of another author, or statistics or some opinion poll, and there is a link, then such small quoted fragments may be highlighted as non-unique plagiarism check programs, but this will not plagiarize. To date, there are many programs and services to check for plagiarism, both paid and free, and anyone can check an article for plagiarism.

The volume of scientific articles is not regulated. It depends on article writing topics. On average, it is believed that it should have a volume of 6-15 pages. At the same time, the chubby university collections are in most cases ready to publish more works, but more prestigious journals may require limiting it. Of course, there are a lot of graduate students who wish to write or order a “good and very large (the more – the better) the article.” This is a misconception. First, the big one does not mean the best. Secondly, to post later such an article (if the volume substantially exceeds 15 pages) will be more difficult and more expensive to print.

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