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When writing any paper, it is best not to outline the identified problems or ways to solve them with general phrases, not to take too narrow a fragment of the dissertation research as a basis. The most effective approach is to reduce any subparagraph of the thesis to the required size for publication by compiling information or abstract. It is advisable to publish in journals articles containing those parts of the dissertation research, where there are the author’s own work, and also have a certain level of novelty. Do not limit yourself to writing a banal review of literature on a chosen topic or a ghost of the opinions of other scientists. Also, due attention should be paid to what should be written in the abstract to reflect the main thoughts of the author. After writing the full text of the article with all the elements, you should check it for the level of plagiarism to eliminate the presence of links to the websites of finished student papers. By the way, you can use article writing examples for students as you guide.

What are the requirements for the design of the article?

In various journals, the requirements for the design of publications are different, common are those relating to a limited volume, the obligatory presence of references, and a list of references. Therefore, you should clarify the rules for the design of the article in each magazine selected for publication. The principles of construction can also be different. They depend on the topic of work and the features of the study. However there is a universal structure of the article, where it consists of such elements as: the title of the article, abstract, keywords, main text and list of references.

Why do we need scientific articles and publications in journals?

In order to successfully defend his or her dissertation, an applicant must submit a list of publications of his articles in specialized publications, which would confirm that he has an active scientific life. The writing of most publications is based on the dissertation research. They contain the main provisions of the dissertation. This underlines the completeness of understanding by the applicant of the topic of the thesis, his or her interest to fully reveal the essence of the problem under study. It is customary to divide publications in scientific publications into those that are theoretical and empirical in nature. Theoretical articles present the reader with the results of research carried out using methods of abstraction, analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, modeling, etc. Empirical articles along with the use of some theoretical methods rely on such methods as observation, measurement, experiment, etc. They are distinguished by the presence in the name of such words as “method”, “analysis”, “evaluation”.

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